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With a twice weekly Podcast, experience the journey as I break free from my limitations and become extraordinary.  I share my thought about what works for me…. and what does not. Don’t be afraid to fail.  I explore various ideas that are shared with me and nuggets as I stubble upon them. Take action and change your life.  Try new things and revisit those that are still working their way back into your life.  Sit back and relax with great mediation music as we live the life we want.

Positive Mindset & Affirmations

Meditation & Harmony

Anxiety & Stress

Yoga & Fitness

Meditation & Harmony

Balance is essential to obtain the clarity to forge the path & take action to break your limits

Yoga & Fitness

Your body is equally valuable to your success.  Confidence and increased energy is essential to your spiritual health

Positive Mindset & Affirmations

You can get through any situation. Ensure you seek opportunity & happiness daily 

Anxiety & Stress

Crippling fear holds you back.  Find the tools to prevent your life from being stationary

About Me

Way back at the start of 2018 I was exploring the idea of starting a Podcast.   What did I want my Podcast to be about?   I thought about talking about my antique hobby.  But it was not passionate about it.  It was just something that kept me busy.  A past frailer that I have been holding onto for years.  The questions of “what I am passionate about” “what interest do I have?” presented themselves.   I really did not know who I am or where I was going.

Then a realization hit me.  My normal routine was to come home after work and spend anywhere from half an hour or more sitting on my back porch with my roommates complaining about our lives.  Suddenly I realized I needed to stop complaining about what I did not like about myself and my life. Blaming others for my failures.  I am responsible for myself.  I stopped complaining and adopted a Positive Mindset.  I knew what my Podcast was going to be.

All I had to do was take action.  I made excuses as to why I did not start my podcast.  The truth, I was scared.  The support group growing around me gave me the courage to put my first episode was up.   It was far from perfect, but I did it.  I took action.  Sharing my journey finding my passion is my passion.   

You can also take action and face your fears and become the person that you know you are!


Wellness eBook

Filled with Positive Affirmations as well as Mindset & Meditation tips

The Essentials of Goal Setting

A special peak into how I set goals, plan and take action

E Courses

Courses designed to give you the tools to push your limitations

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